Do you run your own retail operation?

No. We enable retailers and merchants to run their retail businesses with our AI technology and SaaS services.


What other tools do I need to run a store?

The Qick Platform and the Qick Kiosk provide all the IT infrastructure needed to run a physical store. Our system is fully self-sufficient and operates without dependences on third-party infrastructure or software. We designed our platforms to be deployed and operated as a retail store on day one. In the near future, we plan on developing additional interfaces and API’s to in integrate the Qick platform with existing third-party systems.


How do I brand the QickTM platform with my store brand?

The Qick app will display the logo and name of your brand, as soon as a consumer enters one of your stores. In the near future, we will make mobile API’s available that will make it possible to embed Qick functionality directly with an app issued by your own brand. Both types of apps can then be used interchangeably.


Can the system accommodate more than one shopper?

The Qick Kiosk can accommodate multiple shoppers. Shoppers can even have their own private group shopping event. The primary shopper gains access with their personal key. They can bring as many friends as they like, but the primary shopper is responsible and pays for anything that gets taken off the shelves.

The Qick Shop Platform allows for multiple shopping sessions to be ongoing at the same time.


Can the system take cash? 

No, the Qick platform currently accepts credit card payments only. However, the system can co-exist with traditional POS systems that do offer cash payment options.


How does the Qick Store Platform prevent shrinkage and theft?

Qick was designed around the principle that a mobile scan and pay system should not increase levels of shrinkage compared to traditional POS technologies, but rather reduce customer theft. We developed security measures on top of our AI technology to prevent fraudulent store activities

Our methodology relies on a few key control elements: Shoppers who use the QickScan functionality must identify themselves upon entering the store with a digital key or a credit card. During the visit, a shopper’s activity is always visible to store associates and management. Our sophisticated AI helps distinguishe those shoppers who need customer service from those who appear to be stealing. Before a suspicious customer leaves the store, management may choose to audit the customer’s shopping bag, based on real-time information and a customer’s history.


Why does the shopper have to scan a barcode, if you know what they took anyhow?

We get asked this question more than anything else. Our team of computer vision and AI experts developed solutions that reliably detects if, when and what a shopper removes from the shelves and our process translates this knowledge into shopping transactions. Shoppers can just grab an item and go (QickPick). While we are very proud of our solution, we also recognize that this solution is best suited for in-house retail operations like Amazon Go and is not user friendly for third party users and small merchants. We believe that QickScan is a more practical and adaptable solution for all businesses.


What shall I do when the AI catches a thief?

Our AI algorithms identify and flag suspicious customers behaviors. We give store personnel all the relevant information relating to a potential theft event and equip them with a variety of tools to respond:  bag audit, credit card charge adjustment, revocation of Qick membership, concrete evidence for law-enforcement, etc.


I am interested. What does a pilot look like?

Please talk to us about piloting. We are ready to engage with a limited number of partners to deploy systems that can validate the shopper-engagement model, and develop the business case for various product categories, locations, and retail formats.