deepmagic is designing Artificial Intelligence and IoT technology for mobile commerce and retail. The company is enabling retailers to run stores unattended, save cost, extend store hours, and improve customer experience by fully automating physical store access, check-out, and security.

deepmagic is driven by the insight that cameras are the richest and most widely deployed sensors of the Internet of Things. Yet, nobody has undertaken the task of processing the video streams from millions of deployed security cameras. deepmagic has figured out how to extract meaningful action and event data from video feeds by applying Deep Learning in combination with patented proprietary computer vision algorithms. The company is applying its technology to radically change the delivery of physical goods and services to consumers.

deepmagic is headquartered in New York City’s Greenwich Village.



deepmagic was founded by two veteran entrepreneurs and machine learning experts from MIT. The team includes researchers and developers from NYU’s Data Science Center, MIT, and the Instituto Tecnologico de Merida, Mexico.  

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At deepmagic we work at a fast pace and we discover new and exciting things every day, including innovative algorithms, creative applications, and surprising philosophical implications of AI. We like to share our excitement as much as we can. 

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