Qick Kiosk


Unmanned Robotic Pop-up store 


A new, radically convenient, omni-channel experience,


Easy on-boarding, easy entry


Frictionless retail, protected by AI

Walk-in popup store for secure, unattended retail operations in locations where pople would like to shop, but currently can't, including hotel lobbies, residential buildings, airports, etc. 

Qick Services

Payment processing
Optional security review
Cloud hosting

Customer On-boarding

Customer sign-up after credit card swipe at Qick Kiosk
Customer self-sign up on Qick portal or mobile app

Virtual Catalogue

Optional home delivery after QickScan of virtual catalogue labels.

White labeling

Apps display merchant logo and branding of store owner
Qick API lets merchants issue their own proprietary apps   

Merchandising and Inventory Management

Cloud-based catalogue and pricing
Real-time inventory updates
Real-time view of shelf space

Security and theft protection

Activities inside the Qick Kiosk are monitored for fraudulent behavior
All activities inside the Qick Kiosk are recorded for future reviewed
Suspicious activities and behaviors are reported

Physical setup

Fully self-contained kit, delivered directly to the specified location
Self-assembly in less than 4 hours





Shopper apps compatibility:

  • iPhone
  • Android phones

Merchant and in-store apps compatibility:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPad mini
  • Android phones 


  • Physical Dimensions: 7’11” (wide) by 4’11” (deep) by 7’11” (high)
  • Power: requires 120V power outlet
  • Connectivity: Requires WIFI connection to local access point

Merchandising Portal at qick.co and qick.shop

Compatible with most modern desktop and mobile browser technology

  • Onboard specific QickKiosk
  • Manage merchant catalogue and pricing
  • Manage location specific catalogue and pricing
  • Review and manage inventory status
  • Review shopping sessions, customer history

Artificial Intelligence Portal

Compatible with most modern desktop and mobile browser technology

“I love the Privacy” – shopper

“This is what I call an intimate shopping experience”  –  Simmone Taitt, retail executive

“I would love the opportunity to put products in the Qick pod”  –  eBay power seller

“Quick, convenient and user-friendly” - shopper


Ordering and Pricing

Qick Kiosk comes in the following SKU’s and product options:

Qick Kit (#QK010001). Includes beautiful wooden shell, shelving, lighting, processor, electric door, QR entry scanner, and credit card reader

iPad including shopper interface software (#QK010002), and cradle (#QK010003): iPad for installation inside the kiosk

iPad including merchant engagement software (#QS01004): iPad for store associate monitoring

Please contact us at sales@deepmagic.cc for current pricing